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GOING HOME August '14:  Trinity, Nico, Skeeter, Sasha!

Aug 2014 Newsletter

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There was a massive barn fire on 7/19/14. Mike, AnnMarie and Tory were in the loft stacking the last of 1500 bales of fresh cut, very dry hay, when a fire started. They were incredibly lucky to escape unhurt, and they and other volunteers rescued some equipment in an adjacent building. However, everything in the barn was engulfed in flames in moments and the building and all items in it are a complete loss. Thankfully, no humans or animals, and no other buildings were lost due to the exceptional work of the fire fighters.

Donations are graciously accepted as: checks via mail, paypal, visit and donate. (We pay the least fees if you send a check, but all types of donations are gladly accepted.)

Also a "go fund me" page was set up by one of our supporters: http://www.gofundme.com/bulsuw

MANY items will be needed in the coming months, and we will update with more info as soon as we are able to do so.

8/8/14-9/8/14 ONLY: Join in our first ever pet lovers photo contest! click the image above for details on how to enter your photos to compete for great prizes, or to vote for ours and others' wonderful photos!

Crosswinds Equine Rescue Inc


DONATIONS: Our donors provide everything from tack and equipment, from literally tons of feed, from a farm pickup truck to cash donations which add up to cover huge medical bills. Please see our wish list and donation pages if you'd like to help us as well.

About us...Crosswinds is a 501c3 nonprofit horse rescue located near Champaign & Danville Illinois.

We are a membership organization. Our mission is to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome at risk horses, 

as well as to aid in owner education to help ensure as many horses as possible never need to be rescued at all.

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You can Email us by clicking here! or visit our contact us page for more options and how to visit.

Crosswinds Equine Rescue, Inc. -- 8182 E 200 North Road, Sidell IL 61876 -- 217-649-7915.

We are located 20 minutes from Danville IL, 40 minutes from Champaign IL, 90 minutes from Indianapolis, 3 hrs from Chicago, in rural Vermilion County.